Users Freak Out After Instagram Removes Inactive/Fake Accounts

The online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service dumped thousands of accounts.


This is NOT COOL say thousands of Instagram users. Less people will see my duck-faced selfie - my follower count has plunged! 

Don't complain people - they warned you! 

Yes, just in time for Christmas, the rapture has happened! 

What's the actual impact of this move? Wait for it...wait for it...JUSTIN BIEBER just lost 3.5 million Instagram followers! Say it isn't so! 

Excuse me while I take a moment...

OK, I've wrapped my head around this tragedy. Now wondering what's going on with other celebs.  

1.3 million of Kim Kardashian 's vanished. Rihanna 's decreased by about 1.2 million. Katy Perry 's went down 300,000. Current queen of the pop scene - Ariana Grande - lost 1.5 million followers, or 7% of her total. 


Instead of sobbing and cursing out the Instagram overlords, the following tweeter has a spot-on observation: 


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