iPhone Still Works After Two Months At Sea

An iPhone 6 Plus is returned to its owner in working condition after almost two months in the Pacific Ocean.

After losing his iPhone in the Pacific Ocean a kayaker named Sam thought all hope was lost, but luck was on his side when his phone was found and returned, and get this…IT STILL WORKED!

iPhone 6 Plus still works after months at bottom of ocean

Sam posted the story of the phone’s miraculous recovery to his Imgur account earlier this week. He said in his post that while he and a friend were Kayaking in the Monterey Bay off the California coast back in March he fell out of the kayak into the water.

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"I was panicking because I thought I was going to die even though I had my life vest on but it was because my foot got caught in the seaweed," Sam wrote. "I thought my life was over (I know I'm being dramatic but it was still pretty scary)."

He had been wearing his iPhone 6 Plus in a waterproof case around his neck to take photos during the outing. After the fall, he tried climbing back into the kayak and fell again dropping the phone and case into the water.

iPhone 6 Plus still works after months at bottom of ocean.

Eventually he was able to get back on the kayak, but he said he didn’t notice his phone was missing until they were already back to shore. Sam said he put his phone on lost mode but after a week passed with no sign of it, he chalked it up as a loss.

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Almost two months after the incident Sam received a message indicating his phone had been found. A scuba diver came across it underwater and noticed it still inside its case and working.

scuba diver

"I was baffled," Sam wrote on his Imgur page. "I had no words to explain my feelings. I didn't know what to say or do. I couldn't have thanked them enough."

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