This Innovative Technology Is Helping Paralyzed People Walk Again

The future is now and it is awesome. It is a bit astounding that wheelchairs are still our go-to source for mobilizing the disabled.

For decades, perhaps even centuries, the best society has been able to come up with for those with damaged extremities is a chair with circles on it. 

This has provided much-needed mobility for millions of disabled persons, but the time is ripe for the technology to evolve. And according to this video we just might be on the cusp of transformation. 



This miraculous device was created by Richmond, California-based company Ekso Bionics. 

According to Wired:

"Ekso Bionics has a simple premise: create robotics that help people. And the company is doing just that with its wearable exoskeleton. Using a combination of weight-activated sensors and battery-powered motors, the bionic suit is helping wheelchair-bound users learn how to walk again."

This suit represents a monumental leap forward for the long-suffering mission to increase the quality of life of wheelchair-bound people. 

One can only hope that this company is able to bring this device to market and help the thousands of people who would no doubt benefit from such a marvelous machine. 

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Banner Image Credit: Wired 

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