Israeli Scientists Are At It Again With New Discovery

In case you didn't know, we never knew how long a day was on Saturn...until now.

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Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel just figured out exactly how long a day is on Saturn.

Before these guys came around, it wasn't entirely sure just how long a day was on this gas giant. 

Now, thanks to these Israeli scientists (who have discovered many other things), we now know that a day on Saturn is exactly 10 hours, 32 minutes, and 44 seconds, according to Blastr.

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Why was it so hard to figure this information out?

Well, when scientists are trying to figure out how long a day is on a specific planet, they usually focus on a solid object, like a rock, and track its movements. 

Since Saturn is mostly made up of gases, scientists had to figure out a new way of doing this. Instead of focusing on a rock, they focused on the magnetic field of the planet's axis. 

By doing this, scientists were able to pin down pretty much the exactly how long a day is on Saturn.

This information will help future astronauts and scientists alike-oh, and Science geeks who just love learning new information about our Solar System.

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