This Futuristic Hotel In Japan Will Only Have Robots As Staff

"Back to the Future" has nothing on this Japanese hotel.

We are probably much closer to the robot revolution predicted in clichéd Hollywood movies than we originally thought, because soon these androids are going to replace humans in doing menial tasks.

Operating under the motto of a “commitment for evolution,” Japanese theme park Huis Ten Bosch announced it would open a futuristic hotel featuring robot staff. It would be named Henn-na – which translates to “strange,” and is set to open in July.

The hotel, which will be constructed on the park’s grounds in Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan, will have three humanoid robots that will act as receptionists, four service and porter robots and with few others. These machines will be able to engage in intelligent human conversation and entertain guests if the need arises.

As CNN reports, the double-story project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase will open in July and will have 72 rooms, while the second will be completed in 2016 with additional 72 rooms.

Along with the robots, the hotel will also have some other high-tech features.

For instance, guests won’t need a keycard to check in; facial recognition technology will be used instead. They won’t even need to adjust the room temperature themselves because the radiation panels in the room will detect body heat and adjust it accordingly. 

Although it doesn’t open for several more months, guests can still make "tentative reservations" at the hotel’s website. Room rates are also pretty affordable, as the prices range from $77 for single bed, to the highest of $374 for a four bed deluxe suit.

The owners hope that eventually the robots will run 90 percent of the property, replacing all the human staff.

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