Here’s How You Can Get A Gold Apple Watch For Less Than $4,000

A gold Apple Watch is now well within your budget – and no, it’s not spray painted.

The Apple Watch is currently one of the most must-have accessories on the market.

Starting from $349 for a sports version to $599 for a regular, the new smartwatch it’s pretty affordable too – unless you want a gold one. Then it becomes something to pine after. Starting from $10,000, the gold watching is something for the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Beyoncé and Drake.

But not anymore. Apparently some jewelers are making it possible for an average Joe to enjoy a gold Apple Watch as much as any celeb out there.

Jewelry names like Watch Plate and Golden Dreams now offer their own take on the gold Apple Watch services.

Send your gadget to Watch Plate and they will gold plate it for you for a mere $399.

Golden Dreams takes things to a higher end but still keep it relatively affordable. For $3,550, the company gets an Apple Watch for you, gold-plate it in 24-karat yellow gold, 18-karat rose gold and 18-karat white gold models. These watches are all custom-made in Geneva.

A good option for sure, as the gold watch was way beyond an average person’s means.

People looking for quick fixes for the gold(en) Apple Watch surely got their versions of the watches:

But they can now get a real (enough) gold Apple Watch of their own without burning a hole in their pockets.

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