Jon Stewart Calls Out Chris Christie On Bridgegate VIDEO


Jon Stewart skewered Chris Christie’s apology press conference on Thursday in which the Governor of New Jersey addressed the George Washington Bridge scandal aka Bridgegate.

Christie insisted that the controversy is an aberration and it was not indicative of the tone he had set in his administration.

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 “I think I finally figured out the tone he set,” Stewart said, after playing a series of clips of Christie’s public meltdowns.

“F-U sharp.”

In addition, Stewart called Christie’s press conference a “sold-out, two-hour marathon show,” – sarcastically of course, noting that the governor played “all the hits.”

Stewart frowned on Christie’s announcement that following his apology to the media, he was headed to the town affected by the traffic gridlock, on the same lane where the “Bridgegate” had occurred.

Stewart said that “apparently being right there at the bridge isn’t punishment enough – to apologize to Mayor Mark Sokolich (D).

 “When are you gonna go, rush hour?” Stewart asked. “Are you going up there at rush hour? Maybe have a police escort, maybe a motorcade? I’m just saying, maybe you should Skype this one.”

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Watch the entire segment on Chris Christie’s conference and more in the video above.

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