Being Interested In Online Privacy Is Reason Enough For NSA to Spy On You

July 4, 2014:The NSA's dirty tactics know no boundaries.


It seems the National Security Agency (NSA) is determined to overtake Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the race to become Public Enemy No. 1.

Not content with shamelessly spying on millions of innocent people on the Internet, it has been reported that the agency especially targets those who seek ways to protect themselves from its espionage.

Simply, it means that if someone does Google searches for anonymity networks like Tor or Tails, they instantly become susceptible to getting on the NSA’s watchlist. The infringement of their privacy then becomes justified by the agency, and its servers automatically start storing the user's metadata for an indefinite period of time.

Based on analysis of the source code of the NSA's mass data collection tool XKeyscore, the new revelation has also put a question mark over the NSA’s explanation after the Edward Snowden expose last year.

It had claimed to only spy on people they have a probable cause for monitoring. But given that even reading about privacy gets a person red-flagged in its system, that justification makes no sense.


So far, the agency hasn't issued its rebuttal, but like in most things NSA, don't expect any logic or truth from them.

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