If You Don't Have Time to Play With Your Cat, Buy Them This Instead

May, 26, 2014:This isn't a product out of futuristic sci-fi movies. Kittyo is for real, and it's coming out this summer.

If your job dictates your life and you find it difficult to take out time for your family and pets, your problem will soon be partly solved. The revolutionary product in question is not going to save you from getting hell from the missus for coming home late, but your cat's days of feeling neglected will soon be over.

Thanks to an upcoming Kickstarter product named Kittyo, workaholics will be able to play and interact with their cats via their smartphones from distant locations.

According to its makers' own description, Kittyo is 'the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.'

What it basically does is that it relays live video of its environment to the smartphone, so that the cat owner can see in real time what his kitty is up to at home. Moreover, it has a built-in laser pointer whose direction can be controlled through swiping on the screen of the phone.This feature not only lets people play with their cats but also gives chubby felines a bit of a workout.

If one feels generous about all the laser-chasing entertainment, he can also instruct the Kittyo machine to release some pre-stored surprises from its treat-dispensing carousel.

What would a smartphone app be good for if it doesn't allow vocal interaction between the two parties? Kittyo has a provision for that as well.

Kittyo inventor Lee Miller set himself a target of just $30,000 on Kickstarter, but the idea proved to be such a massive hit that he ended up getting $271,154.

Expected to come out commercially in July 2014, this could be the best gift you can give to your lovable cat. If only there was a Kittyo for WAGs too.

Here is the official Kittyo explanatory video:

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