Kim Jong Un Sends Threats Via Fax From North Korea

North Korea's tech is in serious need of an upgrade if your grandma can text, then she is likely far more sophisticated in her tech knowledge than North Korea.

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How does North Korea send its threats? It doesn’t load up an angry video on YouTube, or send well-worded tweet. It doesn’t even use the post office to send their words of condemnation. It uses a good old fax machine. I wonder if their top ranking officials have even caught up to AOL.

In 2013, following an anti-North Korean demonstration in South Korea, officials from the North threatened to bring a “merciless” strike via the outdated tech. The rallies marked the death of the North Korean leader, Kim John-Il.

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The letter said that they did not appreciate the “repeated extra-large provocations to North Korea’s highest dignity taking place in the middle of Seoul,” threatening to strike with a “merciless retaliation without warning.”

South Korea responded back via fax saying that if North Korea did any such thing, they could expect a “resolute punishment.”

In 2009, a Christian group from Oklahoma sent North Korea bible passages via fax for about a year. The group said they eventually got a message back saying “something very bad will happen” if they continued sending messages.


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