Everything You Need to Know About The Site Behind Leaked Celebrity Photos

If you still don't know what 4chan is, read this. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to legal matters.

Leaked Celebrity Photos

And it shouldn't be an excuse on the Internet either, especially when all of the world's information is just one click away.

There are still people- so-called technology analysts- like CNN's Brett Larson who are unaware of what 4chan is. In a recent interview, Larson referred to 4chan as though it were one, singular male hacker. As embarrassing as it was, it turns out he isn't alone in not knowing what it is.

The Internet went into overdrive last weekend as millions rushed to catch a glimpse of the leaked collection of naked celebrities photos, yet they still don't know why the term 4chan was used in connection with those images.

Leaked Celebrity Photos

Simply speaking, 4chan is an imageboard website which was originally set up to serve as a place of discussion for manga and anime, but has since grown into a den of murky characters.

Their vices aside, the site's community has a great sense of humor and has basically taught the Internet everything there is to know about memes and freedom of expression.

Unfortunately, the trouble made by hackers that frequent 4chan means it is known for all the wrong reasons.

Leaked Celebrity Photos

4chan's founder is Christian Poole aka moot, who is a huge fan of anime – so much that he based the name of his site on a variation of Japanese forum site 2channel.

It has a very niche member base and doesn't attract a typical Internet user, yet it still gets traffic upwards of half a billion on a monthly basis.

The quirky 4chan community's famous /b/ board is dedicated to pornography, which is another reason the mainstream Internet population refrains from visiting the site.

Leaked Celebrity Photos

It's also pertinent to mention here that the political activist/vigilante group Anonymous was formed on 4chan and remains to be a hangout for them.

In a nutshell, 4chan may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it doesn't hurt to know what it's about. Right, Mr. Larsen?

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