Meet Swing Copters- The Evil Reincarnation Of Flappy Bird

Welcome back, sleepless nights. If the agony of playing Flappy Bird was not enough, the creator of the mobile game has launched another one.

Claiming for it to be even harder than his former game, ‘Swing Copters’ is all set to ruin everyone’s hope of living in a world free of games that destroys life as we know it.

Using similar late-eighties styling, the new game still looks quite Mario-esque, sans the pipes, this time.  Promising new characters, and the chance to unlock levels, Swing Copters seems to be the evil reincarnation of Flappy Bird.

The controls of the game are still as simple as they were before, using just a screen tap, but let’s get one thing straight; simple does NOT mean an easy game. In Swing Copters, accidentally touching ANYTHING, means sudden death, there is absolutely no forgiveness this time.

Interestingly, the Vietnam-based developer Nguyen Hà Dông hatred the game he had created so much that he has lost sleep over it.

We have one question for Mr. Dông though, if you hated Flappy Bird so much, why did you develop an even harder game for this world?

Growing by the minute in terms of downloads; Swing Copters seems to be catching up quite to its predecessor in agony as well as all those nights wasted playing the dreaded-yet-adored game.

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