World's First Completely 3D Printed Car Debuts In Detroit

It may not be pretty, but the creative freedom it promises to car enthusiasts is amazing.

3D Printed Car

Car manufacturers are supposed to come to auto shows with fully functional vehicles, which is why it was surprising when Local Motors showed up at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, almost empty-handed except for a few printing machines.

They didn't bring along any cars because they had plans to 3D print their cars right there and then. And that's just what they did. Yes, Local Motors 3D printed an actual, drivable model of their Strati car, and then drove in and around Cobo Center for a bit to prove that it works.

Marketed as the world's first completely 3D printed car, Strati takes about 44 hours to turn from carbon fiber-reinforced ABS plastic into a finished product. It may not look pretty, but aesthetic beauty is not what LM is selling here. The power to invent and creative freedom are Strati's main points of attraction.

3D Printed Car

The two-person roadster is expected to be released later this year and would cost somewhere between $18,000 and $30,000.

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