Microsoft Gives A Live Demo Of What Future Computers Might Look Like

It looks like a sequence out of a sci-fi movie – only better because it’s real.

Microsoft announced its HoloLens holographic computing headset in January but details only came out this week.

At its annual Build developer conference, the tech giant gave a live demonstration of how the new gadget will work with Windows apps. 

In brief, users will be able to project Word and Outlook onto the wall of their living room with the help of HoloLens – no wires, no external cameras needed.

"All universal apps can be made to work on Windows Holographic,” said Alex Kipman, the designer of the headset. “Everything you've seen here today is a universal app. With holograms you'll have a new canvas. Your apps can come to life."

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Microsoft missed a number of technological transitions such as mobiles, tablets, and cloud storage under ex-CEO Steve Ballmer that left the software behemoth behind long-time rivals like Apple and Google.

However, under Satya Nadella Microsoft clearly seems to be catching up.

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