Microsoft's New Website Can Guess Your Age

Using algorithms, online data and person information extraction, Microsoft's newly launched website can estimate your age -- almost.

Microsoft launched, a website that will estimate your age by analyzing a photo, at the Microsoft Build 2015 developer conference today.

It’s a user-friendly, straightforward process: Upload your own photo or peruse the Bing search engine. Microsoft acknowledged that the site isn’t completely accurate, but it will continue to improve once more people use it.

The operation behind the website is a bit more complicated – and almost creepy. The general components to develop are extracting gender and age and collecting data, which explains why the site will improve from user growth. Knowing that a program can obtain all sorts of data just from one photograph is pretty intimidating. The Microsoft Learning blog delves into the technical analytics behind the site. But seeing how old you look based on algorithms can be pretty fun. 

Scroll down for a compilation of celebrity's ages according to Microsoft. 

Microsoft's New Website How-Old.Net Promises To Correctly Guess Your Age And Gender

Beyonce's real age: 33

Microsoft has a new website that guesses your age

Barack Obama's real age: 53

Microsoft's will guess your age

Ariana Grande's real age: 21

Awkward. . . 


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's real age: 42

How Old Do You Look?

Anderson Cooper's real age: 47

How Old - Fun, Wrong, Potentially Risky?

Louis C.K.'s real age: 47

Smeagol's real age: 589 

Microsoft did say would improve with increased usage. Upload your photo at

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