MIT, Harvard Students Give A Shock To Outdated 911 Technology With A Brilliant New App

The students work to bring 911 into the 21st century with their new emergency app.


Teams from MIT and Harvard just launched an advanced emergency communication startup with the potential to kick United State’s widely used crisis line 911 into modern times.

The 15-member team has worked with largest tech companies and national labs to develop RapidSOS – a one-touch app that will instantly deliver critical information to nearest responders.

Even though the 911-response system seemingly works great, it has a few flaws that can cost human lives.

People calling from a cell phone, for example, aren't easily geo-targeted by 911's system; the dispatcher’s computers display the location of the nearest cell-phone tower instead of the caller's. For callers who don't know or can't provide their location, that can be very problematic.

RapidSOS, however, has a brilliantly creative way to convey all your details and the nature of your problem to your nearest response team at the push of a button.

Find out more in the video posted below.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $60,000 to build physical, Bluetooth-connectable panic buttons that can be placed around houses, schools, and offices. Just a double click will be able to alert 911 of the user’s location and nature of the threat.

RapidSOS has 25 institutional partners that have tested the beta program with 100 dispatch centers across the country.

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