New App Flags Tweets That Could Get You Fired Before Your Employer Sees Them

A new app can scan your social media history and alert you of offensive posts before your employer sees them.


In our social media age where our personal information is never kept secret (despite how well privacy settings work) from the Internet’s watchful eyes, Millennials have been constantly warned about risqué photos and controversial posts that could cost us a job. A new app is thankfully freeing those concerns by scanning your social media history and alerting you of potentially offensive posts before an employer could see them.

Ethan Czahor was inspired to create the app, Clear, after a series of offensive tweets cost him the opportunity to work on the Jeb Bush campaign.

“This could happen to anyone in any field—it doesn’t have to be politics—every millennial is now entering the workforce, and maybe even a senior position, and everything that they’ve said online for the last 10 years is still there, and that’s a new thing for this generation,” Czahor told Time.

The app targets keywords like “black” , “Americans” or “gay” to find the fatal posts, but the technology is far from perfect just yet. Czahor noted the main trouble is finding the content that is actually offensive.

While he hopes the app will improve and even expand its reach to emails, personal blogs and search results, Czahor ultimately sees the technology as a vital resource in taking control of the information about you online.

“You as a person exist in a lot of places on the Internet, and I just feel that you have the right to at least know what’s out there, and to take care of it.”

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