Flying Like a Bird Is Now Possible Through Augmented Reality

May, 9, 2014: Flight simulator Birdly can make you feel like a bird in the wind.

One of the many things man doesn't have control over is the ability of being whoever he wants to be. If you're a human being, you can't experience the joy of flying like a bird. Yes, there is paragliding, but it's dangerous to say the least and you still don't have total control over its navigation.

So while nature has restrained us in this regard, there is Oculus Rift to bail us out. A team of Swiss developers have created a new flight simulator called Birdly, which when used in tandem with the Rift, gives its user the experience of flying like a bird.

Their innovation virtually places the user in a 'landscape where his body is the body of a Red Kite,’ and he can control its movements by moving the padded installation to which he is attached.

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Birdly's controls have been designed to imitate the flight model of birds, and coupled with the Rift's virtual reality visuals, the experience really can let us fly on our own.

To make this VR experience even more real, Birdly's developers have added sonic, olfactoric and wind effects. It means that a virtual flight over a forest will have the user smelling the scent of pine. Meanwhile, the abundance of wind found at that great height will be provided by a fan.

Whether Birdly fails or tanks, only time would tell, but one thing is certain that Oculus Rift has opened the gates to a completely new type of simulation, the likes of which we've never seen before.

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