New Jersey Will Have The Biggest One Of These

This hasn't been done anywhere else. The world's largest indoor farm will be popping up very soon, in no other place than Newark, New Jersey.

AeroFarm, New Jersey, Newark, sustainable development

Newark, a city next to NYC that is known for its huge industries, will be turning an old steel factory into a very productive, renewable farm.

Everything about this farm is taking useful ideas of productivity and reusability and putting it all in 69,000 square feet.

The farm will be pesticide free, and will be 75 times more productive than a typical farm of the same size.


The farm will use special crops that use no soil and require 95% less water. They will be planted with cloths that are 100% reusable. LED lights and a nutrient mist will help grow the plants faster and better.

Of course, other important factors are coming into play here, too. With such a big space, more jobs will be offered to workers long-term. The city is also completely utilizing a huge, old factory and turning it into something amazing. Something that hopefully other cities will see as an opportunity for sustainable development in every sense of the word.

sustainable development, farming, Newark, New Jersey

The name of this farm is AeroFarm, and the type of technology that it will be using is known as 'Aeroponics'. It is a huge success for the state of New Jersey as well as surrounding areas who will greatly benefit from the farm in one way or the other.

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