The World Through The Eyes Of A Google Search

You'll be surprised with what Googlers of different countries search for.

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Most countries of the world have a certain product they're famous for. For example, vodka immediately reminds everyone of Russia, and pizzas are practically the proverbial face of Italy.

But while these serve as alternative cultural identities, they're what countries are known for and not what they actually need. But thanks to folks over at, we now have a country by country breakdown of things that netizens look for on the Internet.

By using Google's autocomplete feature, has devised a world map that shows the most Googled objects in every country. Some findings of this new map make complete sense, but some are completely baffling and might leave you scratching your head. Like for example, why are Iranians so interested in kidneys? What's with Japan's obsession watermelons and why does IVF top the list in Australia?

Of course, these results may not be entirely accurate, but they still shed light from a unique angle on the searching habits of Google's users from different regions of the world.

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