New Plane Could Get You From New York To LA In Under 30 Minutes

Say goodbye to those travel blues once this high-concept aircraft hits the market.

There used to be one supersonic plane. It was hailed as the final evolution of air travel. It was called the Concorde and it was able to hit speeds twice the speed of sound.

A declining airline industry and a well-publicized crash in 2000 led to the entire Concorde fleet’s indefinite grounding in 2003. In the years since, no new aircraft has risen to fill the void of faster-than-sound travel that once seemed to represent the shining future for the airline industry.

That is, until today.


The Skreemer

According to a report on CNN, a new concept for a supersonic aircraft has been revealed.

“The latest new concept design is called Skreemr, which -- if developed -- supposedly would carry 75 passengers from London to New York in 30 minutes,” said CNN.

The journey from New York to LA, however, is even shorter than the trip from New York to London. This means that the Skreemr could get you from New York to LA in less than 30 minutes. 

Here's how it would work:

“Skreemr's concept designer Charles Bombardier and artist Ray Mattison propose that this plane would be powered by a scramjet engine.

Unlike conventional jet engines, scramjet engines have virtually no moving parts.

And unlike rockets, scramjet engines would burn oxygen from the atmosphere instead of having to carry heavy tanks full of oxygen,” CNN reports.

These space-age jet engines are able to clock speeds that are five times the speed of sound.


The Future Is Fast

CNN believes that this concept may be good for both passengers and airlines.

“Improvements in aerodynamics, engines and composite materials make a supersonic passenger jet rebirth possible because they will save fuel, and ultimately, money,” the article said.

One can only hope that this concept becomes a reality in the near future because these long flights need to become a thing of the past.

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