Celebrating 25 Years Of Game Boy And Its 5 Best Titles

On the 25th anniversary of Game Boy, we recall some of its best games of all time.

Our beloved Game Boy has reached 25 years of age. While it makes us feel ridiculously old, we also feel proud of our association with the phenomenon that basically revolutionized gaming, as we see today.

We look back at the 5 best Game Boy titles ever:


This was absolutely and unequivocally the best. It was originally designed and programmed by Soviet designer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. When Nintendo opened Game Boy for the US markets, it bundled Tetris with the system. It became an instant favorite and still remains one of the most addictive games to date.

Nintendo Magazine certainly got it right when they wrote, “Tetris was the game that made the Game Boy brand a true gaming giant.”

Super Mario Land

Developed by Nintendo itself, it was the first game paired with the handheld console when it was released in 1989. It has sold over 18 million copies till now. Similar to other Mario games, players took the role of Mario who embarked on his trips. From flying in "Sky Pop" planes to travelling in "Marine Pop" submarine, this game was the ultimate adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Even with the absence of Princess Zelda or the Triforce, Game Boy’s first incorporation of the Zelda series was still pretty legendary. It was also one of the games which did not feature the land of Hyrule. We had to fight monsters and solve puzzles while searching for eight musical instruments which would eventually awaken the sleeping Wind Fish and allow him to escape from the island.


Is there any doubt about it? This may also be one of the best games ever created. It was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. After its initial success, Pokémon was dismissed as a fad but, 17 years later, its success has proved that it is here to stay. Today, Pokémon is the second-most successful video game- media franchise in the world, second only to Mario.

Donkey Kong

One of the best platform games out there. Donkey Kong was released in 1981 and became a predecessor to the world-acclaimed Mario series. In the all the glory and hoopla of the Mario series, people somehow forgot the awesome joy of when Jumpman, our hero, saved the damsel in distress, Pauline, from the evil of Donkey Kong. Players had to dodge and jump over obstacles while maneuvering Jumpman across a series of platforms to save the princess.

It is time we all take out our Game Boys from the dusty drawer.

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