Security Alert: Galaxy S5's Fingerprint Scanner Isn't As Foolproof As Claimed

Still thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S5? Think again!

Samsung’s newly added fingerprint reader to its Galaxy S5 smartphone was to make sure the phone came with boosted security. But thanks to the guys at SRLabs, that claim is now down the drain.

The geniuses at SRLabs have successfully demonstrated that Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner can be hacked with the help of a simple lifted print. But then that's something which remains a possibility for almost every fingerprint reader. Last year, Apple’s iPhone 5s security was bypassed using a similar method, so why criticize Samsung for a vulnerability that is associated with the technology itself rather than their feature alone?

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The difference this time is that despite the scanner's presence, the iPhone always asks for a fresh input of password every time it's rebooted. With the Samsung Galaxy S5, however, there are no such requirements. It means that if your S5 lands into the hands of an unauthorized person who knows the right tricks, he could use the finger prints that are likely to be present on the body of your phone.

From there on, it'd be fairly easy for the hacker to log into your PayPal account and do whatever he pleases with your funds. So if you're planning to splash your hard-earned cash on a unit of Samsung's finest, you better reconsider.  

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