5 People Who Have Already Destroyed Their Apple Watches

People run over the new Apple Watch with a car and cover it with Nutella.

Apple Watch

It’s not even been a whole week since the widely anticipated Apple Watch went on sale around the world and dozens of people are already destroying it.

In what is an utterly bizarre practice called “torture testing,” people who buy new smartphones carry out incredibly stupid experiments on their gadget just to evaluate its ability to withstand extreme conditions.

And since this tradition mainly follows the release of iPhones, it’s no surprise then the new Apple product is also being subjected to this madness.

For instance, a Canadian tech blog, MW Technology, on YouTube scratched the smartwatch with razor-sharp blades, keys and a stone column before running it over with a car:

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Then a CNET blogger Sharon Profis hit it with a seven-pound cast-iron skillet, tortured it against kitchen graters, while submerging it in cold and boiling water. She also dunked the poor gadget in red wine and coated it in ketchup, peanut butter, mustard and Nutella:

To see how waterproof the timepiece is, MW Technology washed it in a washing machine:

TechRax, the YouTuber (in)famous for boiling iPhone 6 in Coca Cola and pouring hot molten aluminum on it, dropped it on the ground:

FoneFox put the Apple Watch under a rigorous stress test, using a knife, sand paper and a hammer “to simulate different damage scenarios:”

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