Say Cheese To The New “Pinhole Selfie Camera”

No need to add Instagram filters to your selfies, there’s a “pinhole selfie camera” in town.

It's not definitely proven, but there's ample data to suggest that taking too many selfies makes you prone to narcissistic and psychopathic behavior.

However, the alarming fact hasn’t really stopped people from coming up with an array of new products that add to our selfie obsession such as the annoyingly absurd selfie sticks, toasted selfies, butt-selfie sticks to take “belfies” and now – the pinhole selfie camera.

Sweden-based photographic artist Ignas Kutavicius has built a head-mounted pinhole camera that can capture what he refers to as a "pinhole selfie." A small hole or opening in the device acts as a lens to create the inverted image effect of the traditional pinhole camera.

This means you won’t have to go through the pains of selecting an old-timey filer on Instagram. Just put on your pinhole selfie camera and voila: you have the perfect, almost authentic, vintage self portrait with vignetted edges.

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The artist described his invention in an interview last year:

“The camera is made of an energy drink can and uses black & white photo paper. It mounts in front of the subject’s face where it has a stable view of their head and creates motion blur of its surroundings. I even ask my subject to move their head slightly around to create the blurring effect in their background.”

For more details on the new pinhole selfie camera, watch the following video:

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