Pizza Hut Wants To Read Your Mind!

Pizza Hut is trying to stay on top and rebuild its pizza empire - by reading your mind! (Cue Twilight Zone music)

Last month, the company unveiled a new motto: “The Flavor of Now.” 

Not sure what flavor you want? No problem! The pizza giant will use "retina tracking" to find out what you want when ordering. They're calling it the first "Subconscious Menu".

Customers are shown pizza toppings on a computer screen. Based on how long a customer’s eyes stay on the different items, the system generates an order meant to represent what pizza fans subconsciously want. Of course, users can change the selection incase their eyes rested too long on shrimp and corn. (Eww...those are real toppings!) 

The Subconscious Menu is being tested in the U.K. Sorry Americans - you'll have to order your pie the old-timey way! 

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