Poland Is Creating Liquid Body Armor To Stop Bullets

Stand back Alex Mack, the Polish got this one. Poland is working on a pretty cool invention that could potentially help save many lives.

Poland Developing Liquid Body Armor

In light of many gun attacks that have been killing thousands of innocent people all around the world, it was only a matter of time before someone thought of an idea to help prevent the deaths.

So, the Polish had an idea. 

When a bullet is fired under water, it doesn't go very far. Only a few feet. When a bullet is fired in the air, it goes much farther, usually striking the victim easily.

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Obviously, there isn't always a river close by that people could jump into to save themselves, but the idea of using liquid to stop a bullet is being experimented with.

The idea isn't exactly what you might think, but it's still pretty awesome.

A shear-thickening fluid would be the perfect armor for someone who is shot at.

The liquid, when struck by a bullet, would harden immediately, preventing the person from injury and maybe even death. 

The shear-thickening fluid, when hit by a bullet, absorbs the impact of the piece and pushes it out backwards, away from the person.

Unfortunately, so far those who have put together prototypes using the liquid have run into the same problem – it is too heavy. Much heavier than a bullet-proof vest would be.

For now, people won't be shape-shifting for quite some time, but the idea is out there and hopefully we'll see it being used sometime in the near future.

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