Fall Asleep With Your Phone In Your Hand? It's Happening More & More

What does it say about us that we're sleeping with a machine glued to our palm? It's the first thing you see going to sleep and the first thing you reach for in the morning.

Are you reading this on a phone? Did you wake up with the phone in your hand this morning? If not, did you wake up, look around blearily and then reach for your mobile device?

It’s alright, you aren’t alone.

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A Trends in Consumer Mobility report was done by Bank of America for the second year in a row to study our relationship to our technology. The report set out to see how attached we are to our mobile devices and what it found was that “for many, it’s the first and last interaction of the day.”

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What researchers found may seem strange or extremely familiar, depending on your mobile habits. A grand total of 71% of people need their phone within grabbing distance when they fall asleep. Of the respondents, 3% said they sleep with their phone in their hand. The largest group, 55% said the phone says by their bedside, 13% said their phone stays in bed with them and a confused group of 4% said “who knows?” Hopefully 4% of those polled find their phones eventually.

Breakdown: Where is your phone when you sleep?

55% On the Night Stand

24% In Another Room

13% On My bed

4% Who knows?

3% In My Hand

The poll also asked people what they think of first in the morning after waking up. People overwhelmingly said the first thing they reach for after waking up is their phone. Only 10% said they first think of their significant other. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will always be there, but you need to check Facebook NOW.

What is the first thing you reach for in the morning?

35% Smartphone

17% Coffee

13% Toothbrush (good for you for respecting dental hygiene)

10% Significant Other

6% Remote Control

4% Robe

To the question “Have you ever fallen asleep with your mobile phone in your hand?” 44% of “millennials” responded that yes, they had.

Forget sleeping with your phone, how long can you go without it? Researchers found that 44% of Americans say they couldn’t make it a single day without their smartphone. 

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