This Plane Will Fly You Anywhere In The World In Less Than 4 Hours

Teleportation is almost possible. Almost. This aircraft seriously looks like something out of a Hollywood movie – only it’s a lot more awesome because it’s a lot more real.

Skylon Aircraft

A British aerospace firm Reaction Engines is building a plane that could fly passengers anywhere in the world in just four hours – or maybe even less than that.

The aircraft will reportedly measure 276 feet long and has been labeled the Skylon.

In a new video, Alan Bond, chief engineer of the hi-tech plane, explains how air entering the new "Sabre" engine system could be cooled by more than 1,000 degrees Celsius in .01 seconds.

Bond says the process would "pretty easily” allow the jet engine to fly at the speed of Mach 5, five times the speed of sound.

Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

However, there are some problems that come along with the amazing package. In addition to the hefty $1.1 billion construction cost for each plane, the Skylon will have no windows.

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It has been several years the aircraft has been in development. In 2012, the Telegraph released an analysis of its basic engine system:

“The breakthrough technology is a cooling system which uses an array of thin pipes, arranged in a "swirl" pattern and filled with condensed helium, to extract heat from air and cool it to minus 150 [degrees Celsius] before it enters the engine.”

“In normal circumstances, this would cause moisture in the air to freeze, coating the engine with frost, but the company has also developed a [...] method which prevents this from happening.”

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The company hopes to build a plane that transports 300 passengers and flies like a rocket. It will to quote Bond, "transform high-speed aviation.”

For more information on Skylon, watch the video below:

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