Revolutionary CT-Scanner Uncovers An Amazing View Inside The Human Body

Science and technology at its best, showing us what’s inside the human body.

There’s a million unexplained mysteries surrounding the human body. But with new technology, things are becoming clearer as scientists discover new things every day.

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Clarity is exactly what the new CT scanner built by General Electric provides. It allows doctors and researchers to see high-quality images of what’s inside the human body – literally. And the best part is that it delivers such visuals in real time.

So if you’ve ever watched the opening credits to House M.D., knowing what’s creeping up inside blood vessels or around bones and organs is not a job for CG-animators anymore – because this fine piece of machinery, which uses a narrow-beam X-rays, produces slices of images that is stitched into a 3-D configuration by a computer.

Thanks to the West Kendall Baptist Hospital in Florida, a series of stunning images of the inner workings of a human body have been made public. Check them out.

Peer into the depths of your mind:


CT Scanner

Which is always in conflict with the heart.

CT Scanner

Perhaps you’d like an inside view of a side profile. But actually, it’s just a skull and carotid arteries.

CT Scanner

Scientists refer to this part as the Circle of Willis.

CT Scanner

Here’s a whole lot of organs, bones and arteries.

CT Scanner

Here’s the abdomen and the pelvis.

CT Scanner


And finally, this is what the aorta looks like.

CT Scanner

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