San Franciscans Are Freaking Out Over A Driverless Mercedes Roaming The Streets

Folks in Fog City couldn't believe their eyes when a futuristic, driverless car showed up on their streets.

Driverless Future Mercedes in SF

The city of San Francisco has plenty of Mercedes-Benz cars cruising its streets, but none have ever caused a hullabaloo like this latest one. Onlookers are stopping, taking pictures of this car and uploading them on social media in utter disbelief. Meanwhile, techies and car enthusiasts are busy deciphering what the new Mercedes' unannounced appearance means.

The reason all these guy are so fascinated is that unlike all the other Mercedes on the road, this one doesn't have a driver in it. In fact, there is no one in it at all. Still, it's gallivanting San Francisco like a boss.

Driverless Mercedes stalks streets of San Francisco

This is actually Mercedes' much talked about driverless car, which it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 earlier this year. The concept car, which for now, goes by the name of F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle, is powered by a hybrid electric fuel cell, and its combination of high-tech cameras, sensors and navigational system allows it to go driver-free.

Since it doesn't need a driver, its seats aren't installed facing forward. Instead, the car's German makers have put in swiveling chairs, while the car's interior looks more like a nightclub booth than anything we've ever seen inside a car.

Driverless Mercedes-Benz

While the F 015's futuristic exterior polarizes opinions, it is still making people stop and take notice. Google's driverless cars have been out on the streets for a while now, but they're rather bland and mundane – at least looks-wise. The F 015, however, is a showstopper. 

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