Say #Hello To New iPhone Charging Jeans

Joe's Jeans makes iPhone users dreams come true with its new line that lets you charge your phone from your own pocket.

Say #Hello to an innovative new line of jeans designed not only to snuggly fit your phone in your back pocket but also to charge it!

Joe’s Jeans developed the new line called #Hello Jeans which have a special opening above the back pocket for a battery pack to charge iPhones 5, 5s or 6 in another secret pocket alongside the charger opening.

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A USB cord sewn into the seam connects to the battery pack and can plug directly to the phone while it’s in the pocket. Of course, neither the cord nor the battery pack is washing machine safe.

charging jeans

According to Joe's Jeans, we now can forget those bulky cases and carrying around chargers in your purse or car. Just slip your phone right into your pocket – where it probably spends most of its time anyway – and let it charge right against your derrière.  

The battery pack has the capability to charge the iPhone 5 and 5s up to 85% and the iPhone 6 up to 70% so it can’t completely replace a stationary charger, but it could be good for those on-the-go wanting to keep some juice in their phones.

Iphone charging jeans

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These new jeans don’t come cheap, though, they are on sale for $189 with the battery pack and USB sold separately at an additional $49.

Other designers have also made smartphone friendly clothing including I/O Denim jeans which were designed with a cell phone pocket on the left leg between the knee and the hip and Nokia reportedly linked up with designer Adrien Sauvage last year to create pants fitted with a wireless charging plate. 

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