Say Hello To Spot, Google's New Robo-Dog

Besides not having fur, this robo-dog is pretty life-like.

Google has introduced a lot of new and cool gadgets over the last few years.

Now, they have introduced man's best friend in robot form.

'Spot' is a robo-dog from Google that has movements very similar to an actual dog. However, being made from metal and all, it won't fall down if you kick it over. Not that you should be kicking dogs in the first place, but it's still pretty cool how strong this dog actually is.

Watch how it walks through an office, keeping its balance as full-grown men try to kick it to the ground. Watch it climb up stairs, and walk next to other robo-dogs.

Whereas your puppy might be scared to walk down steep hills, robo-dog is one brave pooch. 

If you are allergic to dogs, the robo-dog can be a great companion! However, if you try to run with it, it might just beat you. 

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