Scantily Clad Women Shirt A Sexist Fashion FAIL For Philae Scientist

The world should be focusing on an incredible achievement in space. But look at that shirt!

The world held its breath on Thursday waiting for a probe to successfully land on a comet. Success! It's a groundbreaking first and could shape the future of space exploration. 

But one scientist, Matt Taylor, stole the limelight a little when he committed a fashion FAIL.  And Twitter noticed.

Quickly, a hashtag was born -- #shirtstorm 

Taylor has been one of the most public faces of the mission and is known as unconventional. He has tattoos all over his arms including one he got earlier this year: a drawing of the space probe landing on the comet.

Taylor reportedly changed out of the shirt during the live stream.

In good news, Kim Kardashian's booty did not break the internet this week. There were more mentions of the Rosetta Mission's Philae probe landing on a comet.

Yea internet! 


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