Unraveling The Universe's Mysteries: 8 Reasons Why Science Rules

Science unravels are few mysteries you thought you would wonder about forever.

Flying cars and dead hearts being brought back to life are no longer just mere fantasies, but can science answer some of our much older questions about the universe?

Here are a few instances where the famous words of Albert Einstein resonate: “Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

1) The Bermuda Triangle

Also known as “The Devil's Triangle,” this part of the ocean that lies between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda and is privy to mysterious disappearances of ships and planes.

However, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared the mysterious disappearances have a rather boring culprit: weather. Not aliens or some super power. What happens to productivity on the Internet, however, is another matter.

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2) The Purpose of the Appendix

Our supposedly useless organ can refurbish your digestive tract when it has lost all of its good bacteria. But that is, of course, if you don’t lose it to appendicitis first.

3) The Antikythera mechanism:

To put it simply, this ancient Greek item was discovered in a shipwreck and caused quite a stir. First, because people did not know what it did and second, because the idea that it was an analogue computer invented around 100-150 B.C. was a little hard to swallow – given that computer was not even a word then, much less a thought.

But it's a very simple design whose purpose is to chart astrological positions - which was probably important enough for the Greeks because they needed to schedule their Olympic games.

4) Those scary noises you hear when you’re home alone

According to basic science, those noises you hear when you’re home alone, or after you’ve watched a scary movie are usually just contractions of different parts of the house – say for example wooden beams. For the most part such sounds are actually called "infrasounds" and are not clearly audible sounds but simply something detectable.

So if you get scared and feel that something is lurking, pat yourself on the back for being able to detect infrasound that buildings tend to make – not discovering a ghost! 

5) The Titanic sinking on a clear night

As the Smithsonian reports, the answer lies in the existence of an illusion which prevented the people in charge of keeping an eye out for icebergs, from seeing the giant structure. Turns out ocean mirages exist, similar to a desert mirage or when one is traveling on a straight road.

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6) Alien sighting in the U.S.

Both the Phoenix Lights and the Roswell UFO sightings can be credited to the U.S. government. The Phoenix Lights, which lit up the sky in Mexico and Arizona, turned out to be flares that were fired by U.S. aircrafts during an exercise. The debris thought to be part of an alien spaceship that landed in Roswell turned out to be leftovers from a highly classified nuclear detonation detection platform.

7) Who built the pyramids?

Since aliens have already been debunked, it’s safe to conclude that this was in fact done by slaves.

8) What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The scientific and rational answer to this is, of course, the egg. The first chicken absolutely had to hatch from an egg of something that was obviously a mutated form of its parent. The species responsible for this was simply a few genetic steps away from being considered an actual chicken but technically not a chicken yet. So in laymen’s terms, the egg came first from a bird that was not yet a chicken.

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