Scientist Gets Rare Night Vision Without Goggles

This guy did something no one has ever tried before.

California biohackers create night vision eye drops

A group of scientists have come together to give one man 'night vision'-the ability to see things in the dark that other humans can't.

How did they do it? The scientists injected a light sensitive material called Ce6, which after placed into the eye, travels from the conjunctival sac, into the retina. 

This was the first time the procedure was ever done on a human being, and the human being was Gabriel Licina.

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Afterwards, the group took Gabriel into a heavy forest where they asked if he could spot people in the group from 50 meters away.

He was successful, and although the experiment is extremely cool,  it always asks the question as to whether or not humans should be messing with mother nature like this.


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