These Scientists Can Detect Cancer Using One Drop Of Blood

In a study conducted by Dutch scientists, it's been determined that various forms of cancer can be detected early using a single drop of blood.

Early detection is so important as it's the very key to saving many cancer patients' lives and Dutch researchers have just found a way to improve detection with just a single drop of blood.

drop of blood

The common methods for detecting cancer include self-examination, blood tests, biopsies and urine analysis. The pre-existing blood tests — blood protein testing and tumor-marker tests — cannot definitively determine whether cancer does or doesn’t exist.

However, according to a study published by researchers at the Cancer Center Amsterdam of VU University Medical Center, this new procedure can detect various forms of cancer with about 96% accuracy, even in its early stages.

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A thousand cancer patients with a wide range of diagnoses participated in the study, according to Science Dump. Researchers were able to use a drop of blood to learn the type of cancer they had, if it had spread to other parts of the body and where the tumor was located in the body.

"This is a revolutionary breakthrough," said Professor Tom Würdinger, research leader at the CCA, according to Mic. "Patients whose disease is detected at an early stage of the tumor have a much better prognosis. The survival rate thus increased slightly."

Indeed, it is revolutionary! Even more than that, remarkable!

He also said care costs decrease because oncologists can find and conquer the cancer cells early.

They estimate a market-ready test point to be developed by 2020, less than five years away from possibly saving numerous more lives a year!

Some cancers — such as intestinal cancer — were easier to detect than others like brain cancer, researchers said.  The reason for reduced accuracy may be because of the blood-brain barrier, but despite that bump in the road this method still proves to be more effective than any other form of detection.

Shout out to the Dutch for finding a new way to kick cancer’s butt! 

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