Curious About How Old The Moon Is? Here’s Your Answer

Since the dawn of time, people have been using the moon as a means to channel their romantic fantasies but how many of us have ever wondered what the age of the moon really is?

Full Moon

Ever wondered how old the moon was? We surely have. The results of the latest study on the subject have estimated the date of the formation of the moon around 95 million years after the birth of the solar system.

A research team comprising of French, German and American experts have arrived at the conclusion, that the moon is approximately 4.47 billion years old, through the use of 259 computer simulations of the evolution of the solar system.

This is the first attempt to determine the moon’s age without resorting to radiometric dating methods. The method consists of measuring the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei in lunar rocks, and has instead developed what they call a ‘geological clock’.

The tale of the birth of the ‘Orb of the Night’ culminated when a Mars-sized body collided with the Earth’s surface and a portion of debris from both bodies went on to form the moon.

While explaining the phenomena, astronomer John Chambers, with the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, said in an interview, "We think that the thing that hit Earth and ended up forming the moon, the lion's share of it stayed on Earth. A small fraction of its mass and some material from Earth was pushed off into space to form the moon. That was probably the last big event."

For a 4.47 billion-year-old body, the moon has certainly aged well..

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