These Selfie Shoes Better Be An April Fools' Prank Or Society Is In A Heap Of Trouble

As if selfie sticks weren't enough… let’s just hope this invention is an April Fools' prank.

Selfie Shoes

From pinhole selfie camera to 3D selfie, just when you thought you had seen it all, here comes another selfie-related invention that is far more ridiculous and bizarre than everything you’ve seen so far: The Selfie Shoes.

Yes, you read that right.

Miz Mooz has just introduced the latest innovation that might enable people to get around the selfie stick ban imposed at Coachella, the Smithsonian and various other places.

The cherry-colored, vintage laser cut heels launched by the company have smart-phone docking ports in both the shoes.

To take a selfie, you just need to place your phone in one of those docks, stretch your leg in an awkward manner so that the camera captures your face and then tap a sensor inside the shoe with your toe and voila! 

Although selfie-obsessed people must be celebrating this outrageous invention right now, there is a general speculation that this all might be an early April Fools' Day joke.

So let’s just hope selfie shoes are indeed a prank, because if they aren’t, you better prepare yourself for witnessing people awkwardly stretching their legs in public places in order to snap the perfect selfie.

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