No, The World Doesn’t Need This Stupid Selfie Stick Shaped Like A Human Arm

Just when you thought the whole selfie stick mania couldn’t get any worse.

justin Crowe and Aric Snee

Designed to make you look less like a loner, a couple of artists, Justin Crowe and Aric Snee, have created the world’s first human arm selfie stick.

Yes, it’s actually as crazy as it sounds.

The designers claim the arm is “the sarcastic solution to a quintessential problem” which, according to them, is the fact that nobody wants to look lonely “while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves.”

“The product conveniently provides you a welcoming arm. And better yet, it doesn’t talk or have emotions of any sort. You can even create fake accounts and use its finger to like all your images; it’s not you, it’s the hand!” states their studio’s website Designerboom.

selfie arm by aric snee & justin crowe

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Clearly there are a couple of things wrong with this idea.

Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a single person snapping mindless self-portraits. People who don’t have romantic partners can be as happy as the next couple – or maybe even happier. Secondly, the grotesque upper limb is a huge giveaway. Not a single individual on this planet has such a scary-looking zombie arm. And finally, it just looks creepy. Period.

Although these irritating gadgets are being banned from museums, art galleries, and now, sporting events like Wimbledon, more people are coming up with extra annoying versions of the selfie stick such as butt-selfie sticks to take “belfies.”

Fortunately, the “lightweight and portable” Selfie Arm is in its prototype phase. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

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