Selfies Might Land You A Job

Companies are turning to Snapchat, selfies and video interview to cut through the piles of applicants.

Your selfie skills might be able to land you a job.

Jobs searching to hire are increasingly looking at people’s social media footprint. It’s expected to have a job application ask applicants to include things like Twitter handles and a LinkedIn profile link. However, the next step in the evolution of job searching may be selfies, Snapchat and video.

Selfies are all the rage on social media

According to Click Orlando, one person looking for an internship at an ad agency landed the position through Snapchat. “I found that they were doing this Snapchat campaign and it just caught my eye. It was a creative way to express myself and apply to the position,” said Max Walker.

The key to why Snapchat selfies may be the future of hiring is because it’s fast and it’s literally a snapshot of candidate’s personality. Recruiters have more materials from more applicants than ever to sort through and resumes and cover letters take time to process. You can view a Snapchat image in an instant and make a snap judgment on what the person is like.

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HireVue is one of several sites that allow applicants to do recorded video interviews for positions and founder Mark Newman says that these new techniques make it easier for people to let employers know who they really are beneath the paperwork.

“No one can say my resume represents who I am,” said Newman. “That’s when it comes into video and other cool tools that empower people to tell their story.

If you’re looking to send a selfie to a prospective job or if you’re recording a video interview remember:

  • Wear professional attire
  • Floss beforehand
  • Be yourself

Good luck. 

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