Think You’re Witty? Siri Might Just Be Two Steps Ahead Of You

The strong and confident Siri is not only equipped with sarcastic jokes, but also has seems to have life figured out way better than us.

Being humiliated and outsmarted by real people just didn't cut it anymore, so Apple went ahead and created Siri. The strong, confident, and often female voice is not only equipped with sarcastic jokes, but also seems to have life all figured out.

Here are a few instances when Siri proved her mettle in intellect.

  1. Siri Knows Caitlyn Jenner

Siri absolutely refuses to say Bruce Jenner and refers to her only as Caitlyn Jenner.

  1. Cookie Monster And A Math Question – Siri’s Tools For Emotional Destruction

Aaron Paul, the heartthrob from Breaking Bad, first posted this Easter egg, which immediately began trending. Grab some ice; the burn is strong with this one.

  1. Debunk Myths About The Eventual Flying Of Pigs

Tired of waiting for the time when pigs will fly? Siri will tell you exactly when.

  1. Siri Will NOT Tell You A Joke On Demand

She just won’t!

  1. And Of Course, Ask The Artificial Intelligence About The Meaning Of Life

She explains it pretty well for a bot.

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