Smack Down! Google Vs. Amazon

In a blog post yesterday, Google announced expansion of their new delivery service. And now...booze!

Got the munchies? Need new fall boots stat? Google wants to be the one you turn to for all of your home delivery needs.  A same-day Amazon Prime competitor, “Google Express” has officially launched and is already growing. 

In a post on its official blog, Google announced that it is expanding its same-day shopping service. On its official Google+ page (and on Facebook!), Google posted: 

 "Today, we're excited to announce we're expanding our service into three new cities, with more new stores so we can keep delivering you that free time you've come to love" 

So is Google going to best Amazon? Business Insider thinks so.  They quickly came out with "3 Reasons Google Express Is Better Than Amazon Prime".  The list included faster delivery and better bulk shopping. 





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