Snapchat Upgrade May Mean Kids Spending Even MORE Time Glued To The Phone

The Snapchat app, popular with teens, is offering even more ways to stay in touch -- and get distracted.

Snapchat, the social app that grew huge among teens by allowing for the exchange of messages without a permanent online trail, is poised to go even bigger following a rollout earlier this week of an expanded menu of functions, including a less cumbersome version of video calling.

The new-and-improved app is so popular, in fact, that one woman, a high school science teacher in Kansas named Tracie Shroeder, took to Twitter to report that the new function was the greatest distraction she'd seen "in 16 years of teaching."

She told Business Insider that she was even forced to confiscate her students' phones. Learn more about the latest teen craze in the video above from The Verge.

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