African Sangomas Embrace Social Media. The Spirits Don't Seem To Mind.

Sangomas might be traditional healers, but that doesn't mean you can't be Facebook friends.

Have you friended your favorite sangoma on Facebook?

Sangomas, traditional healers in South Africa, have practiced their trade for centuries. But even they're finding that ancient healers must keep up with the times.

More sangomas are embracing technology, especially Facebook and Twitter, to combine their traditional healing with modern technology, Mail and Guardian reports. And specters don't seem to care. 

"When I use my phone or my computer to connect with someone, spirit connections are not dependent on the interference of technology so it makes no difference," sangoma Nokulinda Mkhize.

It's also a pretty sound business decision, as many new clients are from far-flung regions. Traditionally, sangomas worked close to home and depended on word of mouth. Now, with just a few clicks, anyone can connect, from true believers to the mere curious.

"It helps bridge and cross racial and cultural lines," sangoma Gogo Moyo says. 

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