30 Seconds Is All The Time This Smartphone Battery Takes To Fully Charge Itself

This prototype charges phone batteries in less than a minute.

If you had a dime for every time someone told you there is a new type of phone battery with instant charging capabilities, you'd have plenty of money, but no such batteries.

New teams of scientists and their researches promise us every year that our battery-related problems are about to end, but there is no actual proof. However, that has now changed for real, thanks to a bunch of Israeli engineers, who've made a device that can charge a smartphone battery in a mere 30 seconds.

But many have claimed the same before without any end product. So what sets StoreDot apart from these pretenders? Well, this Tel-Aviv-based startup has put its money where its mouth is. They've released visual proof of their ground-breaking product, which could give our batteries a new lease of life – quickly and efficiently.

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In StoreDot's video, their prototype takes a Samsung smartphone battery from a 27 percent to a full 100 percent at mindboggling speed. Could it be a trick? It doesn't seem so because it's about time someone came up with proper solution for this problem.

The device in its current form is quite big and bulky, but its makers are confident they can shrink it to the size of a normal smartphone battery in about a year's time. It will then take another two years for us, actual consumers, to get our hands on this thing.

StoreDot engineers were able to accomplish this feat by using self-assembling nano-crystals that are created from peptides. Similar 'bio-organic' technology has also been used in the manufacturing of memory chips, and it gave a massive boost to their writing speed too.

As expected, these batteries will not come cheap whenever they become commercially available. According to team leader Dr Doron Myersdorf, it will cost up to 40 percent more than the standard lithium-ion batteries that are currently in use.

Moreover, incorporating StoreDot's technology could also double the cost of smartphone manufacturers. Hence, it seems Myersdorf and company need to iron out these kinks otherwise it'd make no sense launching the product.


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