Stunning New Image From NASA: 'Pillars of Creation'

Hubble returns updated, amazing photos of the far away galaxy.

It's an epic do-over! 

The largest NASA Hubble Space Telescope image ever taken shows a sweeping bird's-eye view of a portion of the Andromeda galaxy over 2 million light-years away. 

The so-called "Pillars of Creation," were first photographed in 1995. To celebrate the telescope's upcoming 25th anniversary in April, Hubble returned to photograph the pillars with the latest high-definition tools showing over 100 million stars. 

The new image was taken "in near-infrared light, as well as visible light," NASA said. "The infrared view transforms the pillars into eerie, wispy silhouettes seen against a background of myriad stars. That's because the infrared light penetrates much of the gas and dust, except for the densest regions of the pillars. Newborn stars can be seen hidden away inside the pillars."

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