Buttons On Your Touchscreen? This Technology Makes It Possible


What if a flat-screened tablet suddenly transforms into a device equipped with a keyboard?

A software firm has come up with new technology which can apparently create a QWERTY keypad on the smooth, flat-screen surface of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Tactus Technologies describes itself as a “dynamic” software company that specializes in Virtual Reality applications.

“Tactus brings tactile buttons grow out of a screen when you need them, and disappear when you don't. You can activate buttons over your keyboard to make typing easier and more natural, or control buttons to enhance gaming,” the company says.

“The underlying technology that enables the Tactile Layer is called microfluidics. Small fluid channels are routed throughout the Tactile Layer and enable fluid to expand the top polymer layer to create the physical buttons,” explains the official website.

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Last January, the Tactus developers amazed everyone with their “disappearing keyboard” at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Although there were no significant developments after its first announcement, this year, however, the company intends to bring the new technology to the market.

Tactus Chief Technology Officer Micah Yairi spoke to U.S. tech website Business Insider that the company plans to release a smartphone or tablet cover this year that you can use to make the buttons appear. The company is also aiming towards coming up with new devices within the next several years.

For all those smartphone lovers out there who were missing the QWERTY keypad, Tactus is perhaps building the gadget of your dreams. Isn’t it?

Find out more information in the video above.

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