Tesla Unveils Its Powerful Self-Parking Car

When summoned, the Tesla Model D would come to the driver like an obedient pooch.

If there was one quibble about Tesla Motors' Model S electric car from purists, it was the lack of horsepower. According to the car's detractors, the torque that comes from natural fuels could never be emulated by electricity.

Their dimissal of the environmentally friendly sedan may have been unfair, but the company's upcoming model solves that problem too.

Tesla Motors owner, Elon Musk just unveiled the upcoming Tesla Model D – a four-wheel drive that has the power to rival A-list sports cars. Moreover, the car offers a very real glimpse of the industry's self-driving future that consumers have been promised within years or even months by a variety of automakers.

The Tesla D is basically a far more improved version of its predecessor. It takes the newer model just 3.2 seconds to attain a speed of 60 mph, and it also offers 10 additional miles per charge. The car will come equipped with cameras and sensors that would lend it at least some self-driving capabilities. For instance, the Tesla D has the ability to detect stop signs as well as sending out pulse signals to the steering wheel in case the car is drifting out of its lane.

But most fascinating of them all is its groundbreaking feature of self-parking – which is the biggest trailer of autonomous capability in a soon-to-be made commercially available car. Add to it an image-recognition camera, a 360-degree sonar system, and a long-range radar, and the Tesla D becomes a futuristic vehicle that was only ever seen in the movies so far.

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Tesla Motors' focus, from the very beginning, has been on fusing zero emissions technology with futuristic innovation. The self-driving cars had been on Musk's agenda for a long time, but weren't supposed to come out so soon. Google is believed to be in the pole position of race to manufacture driverless cars, but judging by the Model D, it seems Tesla Motors isn't far behind.

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