Thailand's Harsh Military Rulers Scared Of A Video Game

A game that allows players to create despotic governments with tyrannical rulers hits a nerve for Thailand's military junta.

Katniss Everdeen, Facebook and now sim cities are all persona non grata in Thailand. It seems Thailand's military junta finds "dangerous" pop culture wherever it looks.

Junta censors put the kibosh on "Tropico 5" under the guise it could "affect peace and order in the country," the Associated Press reports.

Tropico 5 allows players to build their own cities from the 19th to the 21st centuries, developing leadership styles and a constitution along the way.

Ah, there's the rub for Thailand's junta. The game probably skews a bit too close to what's happening on the ground in Thailand, where the bloodless military coup led to crackdowns on personal freedoms and martial law. How would it look if gamers suddenly could see their lives mirrored in a military state on the screen or -- even worse for the junta -- start imagining a different governance altogether? 

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Tropico 5's trailer even includes this ominous scene:

This isn't the first overreaction Thailand's junta has had to pop culture since the coup. First the military barred the "Hunger Games" three-finger salute, a symbol of silent rebellion against overreaching, all-encompassing rulers (sound familiar?) Then the junta decided to get in the technology game with threats to develop its own "patriotic" Facebook

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